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  • Invest in elegance. Adorn your home with a gorgeous kentia palm.

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Everyone in Arizona no matter where you live, be it in a small apartment, modest home, executive mansion or palatial estate, should have at least one Kentia Palm for interior display.

Kentias are our passion. We have been involved in the Kentia Palm industry in excess of twenty five years. Our expertise and knowledge will ensure that the service you receive, will be most satisfying and rewarding.


We specialize in providing Kentia Palms to residents of apartments and condominiums. Our 4'/5' high potted Kentia Palms are ideal for placement in any living area.

Low Maintenance

Kentias are renowned as the world's best indoor plant. They grow extremely well in Arizona homes, as they thrive in an air-conditioned atmosphere, very rarely need repotting, and require minimal care and maintenance.


We personally select our Kentias from reputable growers, to ensure that the perfect one we choose, is just the right Kentia Palm for your home.